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Calling All Book Junkies

Do you always have your head in a book?  Do you love sharing your opinions about what you’ve read?  You should join our Central Picks Reviews team!

We’re accepting new book review staff members who:

  • can submit at least 1 book review per month.
  • have more to say about a book than “OMG, I love it, You should read it.”
  • can email reviews to our admin to post OR are familiar with WordPress or Blogger and can post their own reviews on our site.

What Our Reviewers Get:

  • instant BIG audience for your reviews, including our regular website readers, over 7000 Twitter followers, over 2000 Facebook followers, and hundreds more on Pinterest, Booklikes, Google+, and more!
  • super-easy posting on our website, using our fill-in-the blank review post form or simply emailing your review to our admin.
  • more clout when requesting free ARCs and review copies, since you’ll now have a big, established site behind you!

Our reviewers:

  • work independently, making your own decisions about what to read and posting on your own schedule.
  • obtain books from book tours, NetGalley, and other free sources, or purchase books on your own.
  • are always honest in your reviews, even if that means giving a book 0 stars and saying it was awful — but you never outright bash a book or author
  • never accept payment or favors for reviewing books (aside from getting the free copy to review, of course).
  • may also choose to cross-post your reviews to your own personal blog and accounts.

Sound good?  Just fill out our nosy little form below, and we’ll be in touch!

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Your Info

Just a first name or pen name is fine. This is how we'll list you on our site.
We don't share this with anyone outside of our site.

Your Reviews

We're just curious.
Please don't feel like you have to inflate your number in order to look better to us. An honest number will better help us plan our schedule.

Getting to know you...

We're not gonna tell anyone. We just think it'd be cool to have the same age diversity in our staff that we have in our readers.
This mostly only matters when it comes to time zones, since we don't want to expect immediate email replies when it's 3am on your side of the world.
We won't judge 😉


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