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  • Book Review Requests:  The best way to get us to promote your book is to offer us a free copy for review.  Your request must be submitted via the form on our Book Review Policy page.
  • Other Book Promotion Requests:  We do not participate in organized tours or other announcements (cover reveals, guest posts, spotlights, blitzes, etc.) outside of those organized by our favorite tour sites.
  • Paid Advertising:  Promoting your 99¢ sale on Amazon, announcing your new release, etc. falls under paid advertising.  If you would like to reserve a banner/ad space on our site, please contact us for more info & pricing.   We can even design the ad for you.
  • How to accidentally be a spammer and make us hate you:  We won’t share your email address with anyone or put you on any annoying mailing lists.  When we reply to your message by email, we expect the same privacy consideration.  Among other things, this means that even though your email program will instantly save our email in your contacts, you will not include us in the To: line (which is fully visible to all email recipients) in any group emails you send out in the future.  We don’t like it when some stranger who got an email from an author who once got an email from us thinks it’s okay to ignore our policies and just start emailing us out of the blue.  Yeah, we never expected that to be an issue either, but we were oh so wrong.
  • Do NOT contact us about: increasing our search engine ranking, advertising our website elsewhere, promoting anything not specifically related to books, or any “opportunities” that would cost us money (no matter how awesome you think they are).  We’ll just mark you as a spammer and move on.

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