{Review} Intermediate Thermodynamics by Susannah Nix


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{Review} Intermediate Thermodynamics by Susannah NixIntermediate Thermodynamics by Susannah Nix
Series: Chemistry Lessons #2
Publisher: Haver Street Press on October 4, 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance (Adult), Romantic Comedy (Adult)
Pages: 323

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5 Stars

Aerospace engineer Esther Abbott doesn’t believe in love, but she’s perfectly happy hating her screenwriter neighbor, Jonathan. Until she’s forced to make a devil’s bargain with him: if he distracts her best friend from a mouth-breather ex, Esther will be his science advisor for the sci-fi script he’s writing.

Her patience is put to the test when it’s time to fulfill her end of the deal. But the more time she spends with her nemesis, the more hate turns into attraction—and attraction into something much deeper. As Esther’s carefully-constructed defenses start to crumble, will love be her undoing or her salvation?

This book includes mature subject matter that may not be appropriate for readers under the age of 18.

Intermediate Thermodynamics by Susannah Nix

The Hook: With a title like this, how could I not take a second look?  Of course, I didn’t expect it to be humorous, somewhat nerdy romance, either, what with the lack of some dude’s abs on the cover.  But like the cover, the story inside is not your typical romance, and Esther isn’t your typical heroine.

The Verdict: Esther’s not a fan of human beings in general.  Sure, she has to live among them and work with them, but for the most part, she’s perfectly happy not interacting with them.  Especially that one neighbor who doesn’t follow laundry room etiquette.  And that’s where I was hooked.

Esther’s smart, quirky, and absolutely normal.  Yeah, so she’s a little anti-social, but she does have a couple of really good friends, and they have the kind of friendship most of us have (or want) with people.  And brainy as she may be, she’s not immune to the opposite sex, not so buried in geekdom that she can’t function in society.  She’s just a realistic girl, as similar and different as all of us, and she’s dealing with life as it comes.

Jonathan is the neighbor she can’t stand.  He’s not bad looking, but he grates on Esther’s last nerve, and she just can’t stand him.  But he’s part of her plan to save her friend Jinny from that douchebag — you know, the one who treats her like crap but she just can’t manage to stay completely away from.  And despite her best efforts, as she gets to know Jonathan, she finds he’s not quite as terrible as she thought.

Jonathan isn’t your typical romantic hero, either.  Social anxiety shades a lot of his life, though he’s written in a way that his personality shines through.  And given Esther’s uncanny ability to sabotage her own relationships, her friend Yemi who can’t express himself any way but literally, Jinny who is that smitten and jerk-attracting friend who deserves more, and her knitting circle of friends… Well, Jonathan’s quirks just fit right in.

Intermediate Thermodynamics by Susannah Nix is entertaining, often hilarious, relate-able, intelligent, realistic romance at its absolute best.  No billionaires, no damaged goods, no knight in shining armor coming in to save the day.  It’s romance the way it really works — unpredictable, challenging, and ultimately worth it.  Sign me up for the rest of the series!

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Cover Design
5 star rating
Plot & Pace
5 star rating
5 star rating
Style & Editing
5 star rating
Story Conclusion
5 star rating
Overall Rating 5 star rating


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