{Review & Giveaway} Some Kind of Magic by Mary Ann Marlowe


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{Review & Giveaway} Some Kind of Magic by Mary Ann MarloweSome Kind of Magic by Mary Ann Marlowe
Publisher: Kensington Books on January 31, 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance (Adult), Romantic Comedy (Adult)
Pages: 304

Our Rating

4 Stars

Biochemist Eden Sinclair has no idea that the scent she spritzed on herself before leaving the lab is designed to enhance pheromones. Or that the cute, grungy-looking guy she meets at a gig that evening is Adam Copeland. As in the Adam Copeland international rock god and object of lust for a million women. Make that a million and one. By the time she learns the truth, she s already spent the (amazing, incredible) night in his bed

Suddenly Eden, who's more accustomed to being set up on disastrous dates by her mom, is going out with a gorgeous celebrity who loves how down-to-earth and honest she is. But for once, Eden isn't being honest. She can't bear to reveal that this overpowering attraction could be nothing more than seduction by science. And the only way to know how Adam truly feels is to ditch the perfume—and risk being ditched in turn.

This book includes mature subject matter that may not be appropriate for readers under the age of 18.

Some Kind of Magic by Mary Ann Marlowe

Eden isn’t exactly thrilled with the path her life has taken, but she’s comfortable enough with who she is and what she’s doing that she doesn’t plan on making any big changes.  But everything begins to change anyway when she meets an irresistible man at her brother Micah’s gig, and she’s not about to deny herself a little fun, despite the fact that he doesn’t really fit her idea of an acceptable boyfriend.  The last thing she expects is to find out he’s some kind of rock star, wanted by women the world over.  But his attraction to her is easily explained, once she finds out that the “perfume” she spritzed on before leaving the office is actually some kind of high-tech pheromone enhancer that’s supposed to work wonders.  Now she’s just got to find a way to tell her rock star the truth before she gets in over her head.

Judging Covers:  The cover is what made me stop and check out the synopsis for this one, and even though I’d usually pass up a book that pairs some rich and famous guy with the struggling girl next door type, the cover art had me thinking this was one story in that vein that might actually be a lot of fun.

The Verdict:  I started reading Some Kind of Magic by Mary Ann Marlowe expecting Eden to be some kind of quirky uber-nerd, but that’s not really what she is.  Rather, she’s your everyday young woman who’s found herself giving up her dreams in favor of a larger salary, working at a job that’s not quite something she wants to brag about, and faithfully supporting her brother as he builds his music career.  Still, she’s intelligent, witty, and while not completely a wallflower, definitely not dripping in self-confidence.

Adam is not quite the stereotypical rock star you usually find in books like this, either.  Sure, he’s used to paparazzi, knows how to adopt the perfect pose for pictures with fans, and plays sold out arenas.  But he’s pretty down to earth, not a womanizer, and also not much of a tortured artist.  That made him much easier to like than I expected.

His initial meeting with Eden isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but the immediate chemistry between the two can’t be denied.  They steam things up and also have a lot of fun together, and their bantering kept their relationship from getting old too quickly.  Of course, Eden struggles with having to essentially hide her relationship with Adam from just about everyone, and at the same time, her confidence falters as she wonders what someone like him could seriously see in someone like her.  And her mother’s constant meddling and judgement doesn’t really help in that area.

As these two continue to get closer, things get more complicated, both because of who Adam is and who Eden is sure she isn’t.  Industry gossip, speculating fans, a European tour, and Eden’s own professional integrity all present obstacles to what would otherwise be a pretty standard fairytale romance.  Through it all, Eden’s emotions feel not only genuine, but right on the mark for someone who isn’t at all accustomed to the trappings of fame, and Adam, while a wonderful guy, misses some cues here and there.  Those little details make for an addictive romantic story and characters readers can easily understand and in many ways identify with.

Some Kind of Magic wasn’t quite the hilarious quirk-fest I envisioned, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  It’s actually a funny, lighthearted romance with some serious undertones that keep the believability grounded while not dropping too far down into angst-land.  The real magic of their story is in the music details, the realistic second-guessing that makes Eden so easy to understand, and the happily-ever-after that I just couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to get to.  That, however, was a little off for me.  While much attention had been paid to every emotion and thought up to that point, the end wrapped up so quickly and neatly that I almost feel as if I missed something.  Or perhaps I just wasn’t ready for the story to end..?  In any a case, Some Kind of Magic is definitely a winner, giving readers a taste of that rockstar fantasy without falling into so many of the usual tropes or taking itself too seriously.

The Breakdown
Cover Design
5 star rating
Plot & Pace
4 star rating
5 star rating
Style & Editing
4 star rating
Story Conclusion
4 star rating
Overall Rating 4 star rating


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