{Review & Giveaway} Fae by C. J. Abedi


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{Review & Giveaway} Fae by C. J. AbediFae by C.J. Abedi
Series: Fae Trilogy #1
Publisher: Diversion Books on July 30, 2013
Genre(s): Fantasy (YA)
Pages: 344

Our Rating

3.5 Stars

Caroline Ellis’ sixteenth birthday sets into motion a series of events that have been fated for centuries. A descendant of Virginia Dare, the first child born in the lost colony of Roanoke, and unaware of her birthright as the heir to the throne of the Light Fae, it isn’t until Caroline begins a tumultuous relationship with Devilyn Reilly that the truth of her heritage is revealed.

Devilyn is the only Fae who is both of the Light and of the Dark, and struggles to maintain that precarious balance to avoid succumbing to the power of the Dark within him. He is the only one who can save Caroline from those who would destroy her and destroy all hope for unity among the Fae. He promises Caroline that he will protect her at all costs, even when it means protecting her from himself.

Told from the alternating perspectives of Caroline and Devilyn, FAE draws on mysteries, myths and legends to create a world, and a romance, dangerously poised between Light and Dark.

ReasonsToRead From the moment she first sees him, Caroline knew there was something different about the new boy. She just had no idea how different he is. Shaken out of her everyday high school world, the otherwise typical teenager learns that things around her aren’t as they seem, and the beautiful boy… Well, he’s the Dark counterpart to her Light.

As the reality she knows bursts open with fae, Caroline discovers that her heritage is much greater than anything she ever imagined, and the fate of a supernatural race converges upon her.



While not a bad thing, I didn’t really understand the mix of mythology.  It seems that pieces of legends have been plucked and placed together to create the otherworldly aspect of the story, and I’m curious to see how that all comes together as the series continues.  Are all these otherworldly forces and various bits of myth connected?  Is all mythology really part of the same tale?  Like I said, it’s not a bad thing, just an odd/intriguing thing.

The bad thing was the editing.  I was so consistently thrown by strange punctuation that I first thought I had an ARC in my hands.  Then I looked and noticed the publishing date, not to mention the fact that ARC is mentioned nowhere in my copy, and that’s what I hate about reading books by new authors.  They put all this work into a fully rounded story, and then an editor lets them down — something that usually goes unknown until we readers get our hands on it.  With any luck, the series will get enough traction that they’ll have their pick of editors for future books.


TheVerdictWhile the story itself is quite different from the Twilight Saga, I will say that it has the same basic plot elements that made those books so popular, so it should have a ready-made fan base.

Caroline is an utterly normal teenage girl suddenly introduced to a side of the world she had no idea even existed.  Her high school’s insanely gorgeous new quarterback isn’t exactly human, and the attraction is instant.  Devilyn, while determined to keep Caroline safe, is in many ways fighting who he is, making him the ultimate bad boy.  And who doesn’t want one of those?

Devilyn and Caroline are key players in a long-foretold prophesy, one that will bring together the Light Fae and the Dark Fae after a seemingly endless era of division.  Devilyn (are you catching on to the name yet?) is borne of evil, a Dark Fae who wants nothing more than to throw off the burden of shadows and begin his destiny with his intended mate.  But she’s just a seemingly typical high school girl, not at all prepared for the strange and magical universe she’s unknowingly been living in.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable read.  There’s the timeless battle of dark versus light, star-crossed love in the midst of magical danger and chaos, and at the heart of it all, a girl who loves a boy who loves her back.  For lovers of YA, romance, and fantasy, this story has everything you’re looking for.

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About C.J. Abedi

Colet Abedi ran development for ITV Studios and is currently Executive Producer on three shows that run in syndication. She was also an Executive Producer on HGTV. Prior to that, she was a Head Writer for 20th Television, a division of Fox, for two telenovelas.

Jasmine Abedi is an entertainment attorney, and has worked with entertainment powerhouses such as Fox, NBCUniversal, ABC, MTV and E! for the past 14 years. She has also worn many different hats in the entertainment industry, with Executive Producer credits for television programs. In addition to writing, she has also partnered with a law school friend to create the natural cosmetic company Generation Klean, Inc.


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