{Review & Giveaway} Everything Has Changed by Mia Kayla


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{Review & Giveaway} Everything Has Changed by Mia KaylaEverything Has Changed by Mia Kayla
Publisher: MAM Books (Self-Published) on February 16, 2015
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance (NA)
Pages: 314

Our Rating

3.5 Stars

Imagine finding the love of your life at the age of six.

Bliss Carrington did.

Bliss has known Jimmy Brason since first grade. He took on the role of the big brother Bliss never had, breaking Bliss out of her shy shell, encouraging her to have fun in high school, and pushing her to live her life to the fullest. They have always been friends—until one day, Bliss wanted more. Now seeing women everywhere swooning over Jimmy, head quarterback of the New York Cougars, is enough to drive her to madness.

Jimmy has been in love with Bliss forever, but she doesn’t know and she can never find out. In all the craziness of his fast track to fame and money, Bliss is the one person who has kept him sane. He firmly believes that history repeats itself and with his tainted past, he’s afraid that he’s fated to hurt her if he allows himself to follow his heart.

Bliss has watched Jimmy grow from a boy into a man, and it’s not fair that someone else will get to keep him when she knows in her heart that he only belongs to her.

When they tiptoe on the edge of love, can their friendship remain intact with both of them ignoring the rumblings that’s threatening to explode?

This book includes mature subject matter that may not be appropriate for readers under the age of 18.

ReasonsToReadBliss and Jimmy have been best friends since they were little kids, but somewhere along the way, he’s come to mean so much more to her.  She’s hidden her feelings for years, and it’s putting a strain on their friendship now that he’s a successful athlete who can have any woman he wants.  But he still treats her like she’s the most special girl of all, and even though she knows he’s never wanted a serious relationship with anyone, she can’t help but hope that maybe one day…


ButToo much flashback territory.  Bliss and Jimmy’s friendship is obviously pretty special, and a little look at the past isn’t a problem, but after a while, all those trips down memory lane kind of took away from the here and now.  I’m guessing we had to join these two in the past to see how they had gone from well adjusted besties as kids to adults who had some issues to deal with and get past, but I honestly got tired of all the time travel.  Rather than be ripped out of the moment so often, I just started skimming the flashbacks so I could get back to the current story.


TheVerdictBliss and Jimmy’s friendship certainly felt real, and it was clear they’d do just about anything for each other.  And it was no wonder that Bliss fell for him so hard, nor that she could barely stand to be around him sometimes in his rich and famous, women-throwing-themselves-at-him life.  As much as I always want the friends who are secretly in love with each other to wake up and realize what they’ve got, these two made me see just how difficult that leap of faith can be.

Bliss has been there all Jimmy’s life, for all his bests and all his worsts, and the same can be said for him.  Growing up next door to each other, they’re now adults pursuing careers, but all they’ve been through together has cemented their friendship.  Bliss’s feelings for Jimmy, though, are painfully strong, and they’re made even more painful by his obliviousness.  He’s gone on to NFL superstardom while she finishes college, but he’s never really let her go.

While we don’t really get to see things from Jimmy’s perspective, it’s clear he’s in love with her, too.  He wants only the best for her, and he gets insanely jealous when she goes on a date with a guy he’s hated since grade school, essentially giving her an ultimatum.  That part, while selfish of him, made me very proud of her.  As much as she may have loved him, Bliss wasn’t about to let his possessiveness get in the way of her potentially finding happiness elsewhere.  But of course, elsewhere wasn’t really going to happen for her.

While I understood Jimmy’s reluctance regarding relationships and marriage, his hard-line stance against allowing himself to love Bliss was rather frustrating.  Just because his father cheated on and then left his mother didn’t mean he was fated to ruin someone the same way.  There’s just no logic in that, and so it always annoys me when characters take one bad thing and let it define their future.  However, I suppose there had to be something more than fear of losing their friendship to draw things out for a while.

My feelings about Everything Has Changed are rather juxtaposed.  On the one hand, it’s a classic story of friends falling in love, and Bliss’s emotions reach right off the page to grab you.  However, it also fell victim so somewhat tired plot devices, namely Jimmy’s refusing to let himself get involved with someone because his father had been a jerk, and then the rather cliche woman who tried to sink her claws into him while Bliss stood by wondering how serious things were.  If Bliss and Jimmy’s strong devotion and loyalty to each other hadn’t come through so clearly, I probably wouldn’t have liked the book nearly as much as I did.

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