{Review} The Heat is On by Katie Rose


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{Review} The Heat is On by Katie RoseThe Heat is On by Katie Rose
Series: The Boys of Summer #4
Publisher: Loveswept on January 5, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance (Adult)

Our Rating

5 Stars

When veteran catcher Connor Jackson gets traded to the New Jersey Sonics, he welcomes the opportunity to possibly cap his career with a World Series ring in his home state. But there’s another reason Connor is glad things have come full circle. In pursuit of hardball glory, he left behind his college sweetheart, the one girl he could never forget. Seeing her again stirs up long-lost desires . . . and this time, he’s determined not to strike out.

A divorced mother of four, Tracy Coleman no longer aspires to gossip-mag glam—but she’ll make an exception for a date with Connor. Their chemistry is hotter than ever, and being alone with him is more seductive than she anticipated. Who could blame her for leaving out a little detail like the kids? Now all she has to do is come clean and convince the man of her dreams that they—Connor, Tracy, and her children—have a future together.

This book includes mature subject matter that may not be appropriate for readers under the age of 18.

ReasonsToReadConnor still carries a torch for his old flame Tracy, but she moved on long ago after he left to pursue his baseball dreams.  Now he’s back in town, though, newly traded to the local team, and she’s divorced from her husband, making it the perfect opportunity for him to rekindle their romance.  He’s just got to convince her that he’s a changed man, one who will put her first and take care of her, not chase after his career.  But she’s keeping him at a distance, going out on dates but insisting on getting home early, because when he finds out she’s a package deal with four kids in the mix, he might not be so quick to dive back into a relationship.


TheVerdictSecond chance romance plus a hot athlete reduced to all kinds of adorable by a bunch of kids…  What’s not to love?

Tracy and Connor didn’t exactly split on bad terms back in the day, but he headed off to pursue his dreams of a career in baseball, and she was left to move on, so that’s exactly what she did.  Fast forward several years, and she’s mom to four wonderful children, but their louse of a father is no longer in the picture.  He’s off making a new life with the family he had on the side, and it’s up to a now divorced Tracy to raise the kids on her own.  But now Connor’s back in the picture, having just been traded to the hometown baseball team, and all those old feelings are coming back strong.

Tracy’s reluctant to rekindle things with Connor for a few reasons.  For one, she hasn’t had the best luck with men, and while that hasn’t completely destroyed her faith in happily ever after, it’s definitely made her more cautious.  There’s also the fact that Connor is no longer simply a local sports phenom; he’s a famous athlete who’s dated models and actresses — everything Tracy is not.  He’s used to an entirely different lifestyle, and while Tracy may be looking pretty damned good for a mom of four, she’s not sure she can measure up or hold his interest, given his usual dates.  And of course, there’s also that matter of having four children.  Like any good mom, her kids come first, so she doesn’t want them becoming attached to a man who doesn’t intend to stick around for the long haul.  She’s also not so sure the hot-shot athlete is willing to take on four kids or adjust to her life that pretty much revolves around them.  And so while she gives in and goes on a couple of dates with him, she doesn’t offer up the facts about her family.

Normally when a character keeps a big secret like this, it snowballs like crazy and ends up creating some incredible drama that is so over-the-top and unnecessary that I become frustrated with the whole story.  But Tracy doesn’t go to any insane lengths to keep her kids a secret, and Connor is pretty level headed — not to mention dead set on winning Tracy over again.  While he doesn’t delude himself into becoming an instant father figure, he takes everything in stride, which is all it took to win me over.  And I have to say that I understand where Tracy was coming from.  Baggage from a previous marriage is always a potential obstacle, but when it’s four young children, that’s more than most people are willing to take on.  Concern for the kids would have me keeping them out of the picture as well, if for no other reason than so they wouldn’t become attached to someone who might not be around all that long.

The Heat is On is a really heartwarming, fun second-chance romance with lots of sweet family moments and some steamy scenes to keep things hot, and the characters are easy to root for and love.  I’d say this one is perfect for both sports romance fanatics and second-chance romance junkies, both of whom will be swooning over Connor within just a few chapters.

The Breakdown
Cover Design
2 star rating
Plot & Pace
5 star rating
5 star rating
Style & Editing
5 star rating
Story Conclusion
5 star rating
Overall Rating 4 star rating



About Katie Rose

Katie Rose is the bestselling author of twelve historical romance novels published under the names Colleen Quinn and Katie Rose. She is the recipient of the Romantic Times Achievement Award, and the Colorado Romance Writer's award, as well as the Doug Perry award for excellence in journalism. A graduate of Temple University with a BA in Communications, Colleen lives on a lake in Medford Lakes, New Jersey, and is hard at work on her next novel.


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