{Review} Stargazing from Nowhere by Isabel & Marilyn Thomas


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{Review} Stargazing from Nowhere by Isabel & Marilyn ThomasStargazing from Nowhere by Isabel & Marilyn Thomas
Series: Stargazing from Nowhere #1
Publisher: Lilt Literary (Self-Published) on July 22, 2013
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance (YA)
Pages: 448

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Kristen Morgan's blog is about to get her into trouble. Deep trouble.

Online, she is known as "Stargazer" from the popular Stargazing from Nowhere blog, while in real life she is a regular fifteen-year-old high school student. This online anonymity is quite liberating, allowing her to be completely honest with her readers.

Through a twist of fate, Rising Tide, the band she has bashed the most online, ends up in her small town, which sends Kristen into an excited panic. To continue gathering fresh material for her blog, she poses as a Rising Tide fan. After sneaking into the band's private party, she comes face to face with the band's drummer, Michael Stevens, who happens to be even more gorgeous in person than she cares to admit. Something unexpected also happens to her when she meets him: she becomes giddy, nervous, and inarticulate, leading Kristen to realize that her interest in Michael has nothing to do with her blog, but everything to do with her heart.

As Kristen and Michael grow closer, does she have to make a choice between blog or boyfriend...Or is the choice made for her?

ReasonsToReadWhen high school student slash anonymous blogger Kristen finds out her former favorite band is coming to town, she’s determined to get the inside scoop.  Sure, their music kind of sucks now, and rumors of trouble in the band are swirling, but as a (secretly) professional blogger, she owes it to her readers to gather and report the facts.  Of course, she’s only fifteen, and no one except her best friend Maggie knows about her online alter ego, so things are bound to get interesting.

The band’s arrival has the town in a flurry, and much to her amazement, Kristen finds herself not only getting to know Michael, but developing real feelings for him.  Unfortunately, Kristen’s childhood friend is now staking a claim as her boyfriend, Michael’s ex is in town to win him back, and Kristen’s blog is causing the band more headaches than she ever could have imagined.  Fate may have brought her famous crush to her town, but it doesn’t plan on making things easy for her.

ButI was drawn in by the basic plot — small town girl meets famous guy, and they eventually overcome all obstacles to be together — but about halfway through, I had to bail.  What should have been a sweet story of young love became a circus of two-dimensional, cliché characters, unbelievable scenes, and uninspired romance.

First, there’s Kristen’s mom.  While initially a bit selfish and maybe even neglectful, she quickly became cruel, purposely humiliating her daughter and making her guest uncomfortable.  Then there’s Peter, the childhood friend who pushed to be more.  He went from distant and uninterested to 1950’s chauvanist in about two seconds flat, only to then be portrayed as some small town hick who was rather obsessed with his pet goats and drooling over the gorgeous  Evangeline.  Speaking of Evangeline, Michael’s ex-girlfriend is beautiful, petty, and condescending — basically the cookie cutter version of the manipulative ex.  I didn’t stick around long enough to see if Peter’s parents approved, but given that they clearly wanted to marry their son off at an entirely inappropriate age, it wouldn’t surprise me.

TheVerdictI had hoped this would be a fun read, something sweeter and more lighthearted than some of the adult books I’ve been reading lately, but it quickly became clear that this book was not it.  The characters were frustrating at best, and while the basic premise wasn’t exactly original, I had hoped for something less formulaic.  If quirky was the intention, it fell entirely flat, and while I expected the main character, at only fifteen years old, to be immature, I didn’t expect the writing to be.  I gave up on reading it halfway through.

About Isabel & Marilyn Thomas

Marilyn and Isabel are sisters who discovered that writing together was a lot of fun. They live in Toronto, Canada, where they are working on their next novel.

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ysar is a book, blog, and design junkie who would be lost without a mile-long to-do list. Find more of her random crap at ysar.info

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