{Review} Safe House by Dez Burke


{Review} Safe House by Dez BurkeSafe House by Dez Burke
Series: Steel Infidels #1
April 10, 2014
Genre(s): Erotic Romance (Adult)
Pages: 114

Our Rating

0.5 Stars

Several years before, Flint Mason committed the unthinkable, he left town and turned his back on his brothers and the Steel Infidels Motorcycle Club. When his best friend is murdered by a rival MC, he returns home determined to exact his own personal revenge.

Veterinarian Dr. Kendra Shaw has never ignored an animal in need. So when a call comes in about an injured eagle she doesn't think twice about going alone to a secluded cabin to meet the caller. What she finds there sets her on a shocking path she never imagined...

Flint and Kendra are forced together in a tense situation where neither wants to be. Flint knows a smart woman like Kendra would never fall for a man like him. Nothing more than a common outlaw. A bad guy.

What they soon discover hidden behind their differences is a fiery passion that ignites and bursts into flames. Can they overcome their obstacles and fight for their love or will the grim reality of life in the MC destroy their chances forever?

This book includes mature subject matter that may not be appropriate for readers under the age of 18.

ReasonsToReadWhen veterinarian Kendra gets a call about a wounded eagle, she thinks she’s driving out to save a bird, not patch up a criminal wanted dead by a rival motorcycle gang.  With little choice, she gets to work, only to be told she’ll be staying in the remote cabin with her patient for a few days until he recovers.  And then a storm rolls in…


TheVerdictAbsolutely not the right book for me, and to be honest, I’m not even sure I know anyone I’d recommend it to.  It’s supposedly book one of a two part series, but it’s really just an introduction that ends on a cliffhanger. And because the focus of the story is the characters’ attraction to each other, there’s minimal character development and a distinct lack of satisfactory background information.  We’re basically just told that Flint left the MC, became a lawyer, and returned when someone died — but that’s it.  No explanation for his decisions or further detail about the events that clearly had an impact on his life.  And then there are the sex scenes…

Now, I knew going into it that several readers classified this as erotica, so I expected the scenes to be graphic.  I did not expect them to make me cringe in imagined pain.  I’ve read BDSM scenes that sounded less painful than how rough Flint was with Kendra when they were in bed.  Perhaps if the book had been longer, with more time spent on character development, it would have seemed plausible, but the quick escalation of their relationship made his dirty talk read more like bad porn, and the rather than being steamy, it was just awful to read.

And then it ends on a cliffhanger.  I actually considered checking out the next book, since the general plot was interesting enough that I hoped a fuller story would redeem it, but the second book in this two-part series is just as short — and priced the same as or higher than many full-length novels.  I could understand if this book were a short prequel to something more substantial, and I was fortunate to find it as part of a freebie sale; however, if I’d paid for it, I’m sure I’d want my money back.  The general plot idea is great, but the execution falls terribly short.  While I’m not a huge fan of serialized novellas, I can generally get on board if they’re well written and intriguing.  Unfortunately, Safe House only served to remind me why usually avoid them in the first place.


About Dez Burke

Dez Burke grew up in rural Alabama and spent most summers reading worn copies of her Grandmother's Harlequin Romances. Today she writes hot, steamy romance books featuring gorgeous alpha males and the women who love them.

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