{Review} On the Offensive by Cara Dee


{Review} On the Offensive by Cara DeeOn the Offensive by Cara Dee
Released: July 16, 2013
Genre(s): Erotic Romance (Adult)
Pages: 48

Our Rating

4.5 Stars

I always beg for more.

I always wake up too soon.

I always hate myself for dreaming about him.

I always take that hatred out on him…my stepbrother.

For New Year’s, Peyton finds herself in Aspen for a vacation with her family instead of hanging out with her college friends back in Florida.

While she’s missed her mom, step dad, and little brother, she can’t say that the same for Zack, her older step brother—a man she both hates and desires.

This book includes mature subject matter that may not be appropriate for readers under the age of 18.

ReasonsToRead Really, the only reason anyone needs to read this book is that it’s by Cara.  If you’ve never played in the fanfic sandbox, you wouldn’t know, but the woman has a way of spinning a tale… there are no words.  And no two stories are anything alike.  But on with the book stuff…

Peyton hates her stepbrother.  Never mind the fact that he’s sex on legs, all tall and muscular and tattooed and perfect.  He’s the oil to her water, and they can barely be in the same room with each other.  They don’t talk; they just spit insults at each other, and that makes for rather tense family time.

Fortunately, they haven’t lived in the same house in years.  He’s off trying to make a career for himself, and she’s off finishing college.  They only ever have to see each other when their parents put something together, and while they managed to avoid that over Christmas, New Year’s is another story altogether.

For the holiday, they’re stuck in a cabin with the rest of the family.  It wouldn’t be so bad if they could each stay in their own corners.  But Peyton can’t escape Zack’s glaring… or her completely inappropriate dreams of him.  An accidental peek while he’s in the shower, a too-tight dress, and circumstances that leave them alone together are all it takes for the dam to break.  It’s January first, and it’s nine hundred degrees of steaminess.

ButIt’s too short.  It’s not too short to tell the story, and nothing important gets cut out or forgotten.  But I wouldn’t have complained about another million or so chapters.  Cara’s stories are just that entertaining.  In fact, the only reason I’m not giving it the full five-star treatment is because I always die a little when I get to the end of Cara’s stories.  And I’m holding her personally responsible.  That’s mature and reasonable, right?

TheVerdictYou have absolutely no reason not to read this book.  It’s short, it’s sweet, it’s uber-hot.  It’s way inexpensive over on Amazon.  And it’s Cara, who writes for nearly every fundraiser, makes her fanfics available on PDF, doesn’t erase herself from the fanfic world even though she’s gone all successful published author on us, and is a damned good storyteller.  She’s one of the few fanfic writers whose original books I’ll gladly buy.  Oh, and her editor rocks.  That is all.

About Cara Dee

Okay...things about me, huh?

I'm not into formal and stuffy, but anyway...

I'm twenty-six years old, born and raised in Sweden. I started writing on a whim in 2011, and it started pretty tame, but it has definitely changed! My biggest thrill comes from writing about the "forbidden." I have very few limits, and you'll find out that there's no fade-to-black or anything like "too much information" in my world. Before, I could barely have a character say "fuck", and now one of my biggest turn-ons is Daddy kink. Age difference--the man being the oldest--is another one, as well as BDSM. Extensive research, music, general smut, and reading are always sure ways for me to get inspired. I'm proud to say I've gotten my husband hooked, too. 😉 Although, he rather watches than reads! Hey, Rome wasn't built in a day.

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ysar is a book, blog, and design junkie who would be lost without a mile-long to-do list. Find more of her random crap at ysar.info

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