{Review} Knowing Jack by Rachel Curtis


FicCentral received a free copy of this book from Patchwork Press (via NetGalley).
{Review} Knowing Jack by Rachel CurtisKnowing Jack by Rachel Curtis
Publisher: Patchwork Press on January 17, 2014
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance (NA)
Pages: 216

Our Rating

2.5 Stars

I am not a slut, although I’ve been called one often enough. Yeah, I spent three months screwing one of my college professors, but I was crazy about the guy. Then he broke up with me.

I am not a bitch, although people like to say I am. I kept our relationship secret. I’m not responsible for telling the university administrators about it, but a lot of students still blame me for getting their favorite professor fired.

I am not a drama queen, although everyone thinks I am now. When I got a few nasty messages, I just deleted them. When I got the threat, I assumed it was someone being stupid. I still think that’s all it was. My parents worry, though, so they hired me a bodyguard. Now Jack follows me around, intimidating everyone who approaches me and looking obnoxiously hot.

This is what I am. I’m Chloe. I’m a twenty-year-old art history major. Kind of shy, although I pretend not to be. Stubborn enough to stay here for my senior year, even though everyone hates me.

And I’m stuck with Jack.

He calls me “Princess,” but I’m not a princess either.

This book includes mature subject matter that may not be appropriate for readers under the age of 18.

ReasonsToReadChloe’s dealing with the fallout from having slept with her professor, a relationship that eventually got him fired and made her the object of ridicule and speculation.  To make matters worse, someone’s been sending her threatening messages, and online harrassment in the form of a crude Tumblr page has now appeared.  Convinced the threats and harassment are more than just someone’s sick idea of a joke, her parents hire a bodyguard to trail her everywhere.

Jack knows better than to get involved with a client.  Personal entanglements are distracting, and a distracted bodyguard isn’t very effective.  But there’s something about Chloe that makes separating business and pleasure impossible.  The instant he sees her, he’s in way over his head.


ButI couldn’t really connect with the characters.  Chloe was pretty believable, somewhat indignant and absolutely determine to finish her education at the very same college campus where she was main subject of gossip.  But Jack was a bit of a disconnect for me.  First, he asked for intimate details of her affair with the professor, including sexual positions, which might have been okay after he and Chloe were in a committed relationship, or if any of it was even remotely related to the threats.  But at the time, they’d barely acknowledged their attraction to each other, and they certainly hadn’t seemed to connect on a level of anything but curiosity and lust.  His line of questioning was actually a little gross.  And his fickleness when it came to giving into their chemistry might have made sense if I knew more about his background, the reason he was resisting.  However, that part didn’t come to light until much, much later, and when it did, it was barely touched upon. It made his whole giving in then backing off thing a bit annoying and more than a little cruel.


TheVerdictI have to say this book was just okay.  The synopsis hooked me and had me expecting a more emotional ride, but the characters couldn’t seem to pull it off.  To top it off, the book had a rather senseless ending, both in the source of the threats and a weird coincidence involving Chloe’s future plans.  The depth I was looking for never really came to fruition, and the way it all played out was rather anti-climactic, pretty much killing what I suspect was a cliffhanger to hook me on a second book.  Knowing Jack wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t anything near what I had hoped for.


About Rachel Curtis

Rachel is a writer, a teacher, a romance reader, and a dog-mom. She loves animals and art and hot men with soft hearts under a tough exterior. She tries to write love stories that feel real, even in unlikely circumstances.

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ysar is a book, blog, and design junkie who would be lost without a mile-long to-do list. Find more of her random crap at ysar.info

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