{Review} I’m Yours by Erin Randall


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{Review} I’m Yours by Erin RandallI'm Yours by Erin Randall
Series: Blake Family #1
Cover Art: ysar
February 23, 2013
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance (Adult)
Pages: 109

Our Rating

4 Stars

Kara and Ian have been dancing around their attraction to each other for years.

He's hot, flirtatious and he has an Irish accent. He'd be Kara's dream guy if he weren't such a womanizer. When he blows off the most important meeting of their career, Kara is ready to beat him to a bloody pulp only someone already took care of that for her.

He was just helping out his brother when trouble followed him home. Now Kara's mixed up in one of his brother's schemes and its Ian's job to protect her. He could do a much better job if it weren't such a distraction having her so close.

Now they're on the run and only have each other to rely on.

This book includes mature subject matter that may not be appropriate for readers under the age of 18.

ReasonsToReadKara’s fed up with Ian when he flakes on an important meeting.  Tired of his being late, leaving early, and now missing a crucial appointment, she heads to his house and braces herself to see whatever woman he’s dragged home this time.  It was bad enough when his dating escapades were only crushing her heart, but now they’re jeopardizing the business.

Ian’s wanted Kara for years, ever since he first laid eyes on her, but she’s turned him down more than once, and all his trying to show her how attractive he is to other women doesn’t seem to be opening her eyes to him.  But he’d never miss such an important meeting, and he can’t even remember what happened the night before, so he’s more than a little surprised when Kara mentions a woman answering his phone.  All he knows is that he was jumped, and he’s pretty sure it has something to do with his brother Ronan.  But then danger knocks again, and he finds himself on the run with the one woman in the world he wants more than anything.


ButIt’s obvious the book never saw an editor — at least not an editor who deserves that title — since the punctuation was a mess throughout the book.  Most of the required commas were missing, and many of the commas that did appear were used incorrectly.  In many places, questions didn’t end with question marks, and necessary conjunctions were often missing.  And there were a number of sentences spliced together to make some lengthy run-ons.  If I hadn’t liked so much the direction in which the story was going, I probably would have DNF’d just a few chapters in.

The fact-checking (or perhaps just the way it was stated) was a bit off as well.  The biggest glitch was that the villains spoke Slavic, which isn’t a language of its own.  It’s a family of languages that include Russian, Polish, Slovak…  I could understand if it had been said that they were speaking a Slavic language, as if the main characters weren’t sure which one but knew it was something from that part of the world, but that wasn’t how it was related to the reader.  I’d also like to know where they shopped that they could get that much stuff for less than $300.


Judging CoversWhile the cover fits the story, it’s not something that would have ever caught my eye, much less convinced me to check out the synopsis or buy the book.  I know it’s what’s on the pages that matters, but as someone who browses through at least a hundred (if not many more) books on Amazon and other sites each week, it’s the cover that serves as a gateway.  Faced with twenty-plus covers on a screen, I’m only going to click on the ones that are just too pretty not to gawk at and the ones that have a really interesting scene or couple.  This cover really doesn’t give me a clue what the story is about, the font is too whimsical, and I probably wouldn’t have looked right past it.

Forget all that.  I discussed the cover with Erin Randall, and she gave me the opportunity to design the one you now see here!


TheVerdictPartway into the first chapter, I was pretty much hooked.  The pace was fast but didn’t gloss over necessary details, and the almost immediate action had me flipping pages as fast as I could.  For a while, I was a little confused about just what Ian’s brother Ronan was involved in, not sure which side of the law he was on, but then they mentioned a blown cover, and I assumed he was a cop or agent of some kind.

I don’t read many books with an action plot, but this one was perfect, since it took rather ordinary people and placed them in crazy circumstances.  Prior to their adventure, Ian and Kara were simply coworkers who each secretly harbored crushes on each other, and they didn’t even get along that well.  But then all hell broke loose, and it was immediately clear that they trusted each other, even though they weren’t really sure where they stood.

The action part of the book was fun without being too crazy, and while Ian was certainly capable of more than your average office worker, he wasn’t some badass who busted out with hidden ninja skills or anything.  In fact, he didn’t even really get much chance to fight, but his smarts paid off in keeping them safe for some time.  Of course, Kara wasn’t at all prepared for the situation in which she found herself, and it showed in the mistakes she made.  But that just made for a nice dose of believability.

I’d like to say the romance was cute, but that makes it sound silly, which it definitely wasn’t.  But it was fun to watch both Kara and Ian initially try to resist their attraction to each other, give in, and then face the fact that they’d both been operating on bad information for a while.  Ian’s protectiveness toward Kara was sweet, and the fact that she still fought for a little control kept things interesting.  The sex scenes were super-steamy, to the point that some would label the book erotica, but there was certainly more to the plot than that.  Only once did it seem out of place, and that’s when they were being held by the bad guys.  It just didn’t make sense to me, even with their strong feelings for each other, that they’d go at it when any one of their captors could have walked in and not only found them less than secured but also in a very compromising position.

In any case, I’m Yours is a really fun read, and at just over 100 pages, it’s a quick one, too.  I noticed it says it’s book number one, so I’m curious to see where the rest of the books take us.  I’m hoping we’ll get a peek at Ian’s hot brother and cousins, and maybe even some more action and danger.  With a good line editor, this series definitely has potential.


About Erin Randall

Erin Randall is the author of The Blake Family Series


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