{Review} Fighting Dirty by Sidney Halston


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{Review} Fighting Dirty by Sidney HalstonFighting Dirty by Sidney Halston
Series: Worth the Fight #5
Publisher: Loveswept on January 5, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance (Adult)
Pages: 242

Our Rating

4.5 Stars

With his preppy clothes and horn-rimmed glasses, Enzo Silva is the last dude anyone expects to find in a mixed martial arts gym. A wealthy Brazilian banker who never had to fight for anything, Enzo’s stuck in the amateur circuit—but he burns to make the pros. Maybe that explains the heat he feels whenever he’s around Jamie Lynn Calhoun. The pint-size, magenta-haired bartender with the Texas drawl is everything he’s not . . . and everything he craves.

Tough as nails and independent to a fault, Jamie Lynn—JL to her friends—works hard to pay her bills and keep life simple. Enzo is doing his best to complicate that. Even though she likes to bust his balls, he’s got some kind of a nerdy-hot vibe that makes JL wonder if she might finally be able to let her guard down. It might do the boy some good to spend some time in her world, where blood, sweat, and victory are as sweet as the first taste of real love.

This book includes mature subject matter that may not be appropriate for readers under the age of 18.

Fighting Dirty by Sidney Halston

The Verdict:  To be honest, I don’t recall a lot about Enzo from the previous books. I mean, I know he’s been in the periphery, but he didn’t really make an impression on me one way or the other. So I was very curious to find out more about his character, especially the nerd/fighter angle!

Recently divorced, Enzo lives the part of the stable, successful businessman while moonlighting as an up and coming MMA fighter.  He’s by-the-book, sharp creases in his slacks, always put-together, with the finer things in life at his disposal.  JL, on the other hand, is a brash, tattooed bartender, everything his elite family would never allow him to be.  But their attraction to each other is undeniable.

Their relationship really begins when they agree to a first date, one in which JL chooses everything, and Enzo is simply along for the wild ride.  She’s not altogether certain that her life, her world is right for him, but he’s more than willing to go along, leading to easily the longest date ever. It JL brings out Enzo’s wild side, and he’s a force of stability to her vulnerability.  While I can’t say these two changed each other, they allowed each other to open up and eventually grow together, and it was so entertaining to watch their relationship develop.

It’s really impossible to go into more detail about the story itself without spoiling the whole thing, and (trust me) there’s no way I would do it justice.  Suffice it to say that Fighting Dirty by Sidney Halston is yet another wonderful book in this entertaining series.  The characters are entirely lovable, the banter is brilliant, the chemistry between them is indescribable, and the story itself is perfectly romantic.  The Worth the Fight series is absolutely worth the read!

The Breakdown
Cover Design
4.5 star rating
Plot & Pace
4 star rating
3.5 star rating
Style & Editing
5 star rating
Story Conclusion
4.5 star rating
Overall Rating 4 star rating

About Sidney Halston

Sidney Halston lives her life with one simple rule: “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Mark Twain, or even simpler, “Just Do It” Nike.

And that’s exactly what she did. After working hard as an attorney, Sidney picked up a pen for the first time at thirty years old to begin her dream of writing. Having never written anything other than very exciting legal briefs, she found an outlet for her imaginative romantic side and wrote Seeing Red, among four other novels currently in the works, including the sequel to Seeing Red. That first pen stroke sealed the deal and she fell in love with writing.

Sidney lives in South Florida with her husband and children. She loves her family above all else, and reading follows a close second. When she’s not writing you can find her reading and reading and reading… She’s a reader first and a writer second.

When she’s not writing or reading her life is complete and utter chaos trying to balance family life with work, and writing (and reading). But she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Author: ysar

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