{Review} Don’t Let Me Go by Sarah Elizabeth


{Review} Don’t Let Me Go by Sarah ElizabethDon't Let Me Go by Sarah Elizabeth
Publisher: Self-Published on April 15, 2015
Pages: 146

Our Rating

5 Stars

A tale of best friends and a black-lit back room.
Alright, Violet, and how it leads to all or nothing.
The burden of escape, and a shape that begs to be traced.
Meeting dark eyes, carrying them for life,
and engraving the way meaning lifts from unmade stars and stripes,
to a place deeper than memory.
What it means to be narrowed in, and how a maniac cuts himself loose.
Shoving control, searching for a denim noose, finding what it takes, and breaking in the right place.

Pride, and a cry that cuts clean through.

Six Sheets, and how a heart fights, and burns, and beats.

Between fading red marks and the world coming apart,
a little past the point of no return is a dirty parking lot,
and everything innocent is a life sentence.

Pure tenderness and preciousness worth all her weight.
A dark and dire strait, and how you keep her safe.

Walking something sticky off your shoes, and What can't we do?

Giving until your hands are empty, and Go.

Just go.

and the blinding, beautiful way it makes your only reason to


TheVerdictI didn’t even bother to read the synopsis when I grabbed this one.  I mean, it’s written by Sarah Elizabeth, so it didn’t matter to me one bit what it was about; there was no way I wasn’t going to love it.

Sarah’s writing style is unlike any other I’ve found, flowing and broken and wrapping you up in words.  The story of CL and Lamb is frustrating and beautiful and heartbreaking, and even if I wasted time in telling you what the story is about, it wouldn’t make a difference.  It’s two people trapped by circumstances and bound by more feeling than most will ever discover, and their story reads like shattered poetry, sharp and profound and utterly unforgettable.

It’s a short story, a quick read that will resonate for days — or in my case, much longer.  It broke my heart, and I loved every second of it.



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