{Review} All That Remains by Michele G. Miller


{Review} All That Remains by Michele G. MillerAll That Remains by Michele G. Miller
Series: From the Wreckage #3
Publisher: Enchanted Ink Press (Self-Published) on August 27, 2014
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance (NA)
Pages: 248

Our Rating

3 Stars

Storms come and go, but true love remains.

Fear, guilt, and jealousy all rear their ugly heads as Jules and West strive to figure out what they want now that they've emerged from the wreckage of the storm.

A year has passed since the night Jules Blacklin and West Rutledge were thrown together by a tornado.

Now college freshmen, they’ve worked hard to overcome the tragedies of their pasts to start anew.

As they embark on their future, there is one last obstacle standing in the way of them finding complete happiness: themselves.

ReasonsToReadAfter surviving a deadly tornado and its aftermath together, Jules and West became inseparable — or so they thought.  Now West is gone, and Jules has to move forward with her life without knowing why.  College should have been their time, but now it’s just hers to find her place.  But two people who shared so much can’t really be pulled apart, not even when time and distance and misunderstandings work against them.

TheVerdictThis was a tough one for me to read, not because the writing was bad (it was perfect, as usual) or because the story disappointed me, but rather because West and Jules were separated for the majority of the story.

After the accident in Out of Ruins, Jules is all alone, seemingly abandoned by West and without his love to anchor her. She’s torn apart on the inside, of course, but she’s surprisingly resilient.  In many ways, life away at college is the new start she needs, away from the eyes of her worried parents and away from the broken memories at home.

Jules’s emotions are right on target.  Hurt, confusion, anger, and trying to convince herself that’s she’s over him.  After all, he left her with nothing more than a letter delivered by someone else while she was in a coma, and I don’t care how much you love someone; when they pull a move like that, you hate them.  Of course, just as the emotions are tangled and complicated, so is this ending to their story.  There were a lot of things I disagreed with in All that Remains, but again, it wasn’t the story.  It was the things the characters did, their foolish choices that hurt each other and kept Jules and West separated for far too long.

First, there’s West.  To be honest, I’m still a little pissed off at him.  Now that I’ve read it through, I understand why he left her, and I can admit that he didn’t really have much choice, but damn.  A letter?  Delivered by your brother?  While your girl is in a coma? Not cool, West, not cool.

Then there’s Austin. What was he thinking?  Sure, he and Jules got along great, and I’m really glad he was there to support her. He turned out to be an amazing friend when she really needed one, and yeah, maybe his feelings got a little twisted there. But knowing what she’d been through and how much his brother loved her, he had no right even considering crossing any lines with her.

And then there’s Jules’s dad.  Frankly, she let him off the hook too easily, and while he may have been trying to protect his daughter, anyone could see that breaking her heart was the wrong way to do it.  I can give him a little leeway for trying to act in her best interest, but the shady way in which he went about it isn’t so easily overlooked.

In any case, I can say that the entire series is pretty incredible. From the tornado scene back in book one to the eventual reunion in this one, there are too many incredible moments to count.  And while I may have hated their separation, I have to admit that it wouldn’t have bothered me so much if I hadn’t been ridiculously invested.  From the Wreckage is one series you do not want to miss out on.


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