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How It Works:

  • We accept books from authors, agents, publishers, and publicists ONLY.
  • All book review suggestions must be submitted through the form below.  Emailed submissions will not be read.
  • A positive review is not guaranteed.
  • We aim to post reviews within 60 days of acceptance, though we’re often much faster.
  • We do NOT accept non-fiction, BDSM/fetish, sci-fi, children’s books, or other stories that don’t appeal to our big, squishy girl hearts.
  • You must disclose sensitive subject matter when you suggest the book.
  • Kindle or mobi format is preferred, though almost any ebook format is accepted.
  • We cannot respond to all requests.  You will hear from us within 2 weeks if we are interested.  Please don’t take it personally if you don’t hear back, though.  While we don’t ask for books that don’t pique our interest, sometimes we have to pass up awesome reads due to our schedules.

Please complete the below form to submit your book for review consideration.  Also, right-clicking is disabled on our website, so if you want to paste in your info, use the common keyboard shortcut CTRL+V.

Your Info

Please note that we do not accept books for review from those not directly employed in the writing or publication of the book.

Book Info

PLEASE LIMIT YOUR SELECTIONS! You may select as many categories as you feel are the primary definition of the story, but keep in mind that a story that falls into too many categories is going to seem like a hot mess, not an enjoyable read.

We DO NOT REJECT simply because your book includes one or more of these things. We just want to make sure the book isn't reviewed by someone on our staff who happens to hate that particular subject. Wouldn't it suck if we gave it just one star simply because you drew the reviewer who thinks ending a book on a cliffhanger should be a crime?
It's not required, but since we love reviewing a whole series, please keep us in mind when the next book(s) is published. If we rate this one with 3 or more stars, chances are that we will want to read the rest.
It's not required, but if we haven't reviewed the previous book(s) in the series, we prefer to start at the beginning. If you are able to send over the rest, along with the one you want us to review, it goes a long way toward piquing our interest.

Please select formats you can make available. Our reviewers have different preferences, so the one who chooses to review your book will let you know which of the options you list here is best for her.

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Our readers shop all over the place, and sometimes our search for a link fails. Please provide the link(s) if you know it, so we can send our readers to grab their own copies.

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