Book Review Policy & Request Form

punkfarie’s Reads:

Punk reads lots and lots and lots of Young Adult books, mostly those with something fantastical like Paranormal and Fantasy.  Give her lands filled with knights and princesses and fairies and witches and dragons!  Or dead things.  That works, too.  Everyone knows that zombies and vampires make everything better, right?  Speaking of dead things, she likes books of the dead tree variety, but her real life is crazy-busy, so on the rare occasion that she can fit in a special review request, she can’t work with a deadline.  ***punkfarie is not accepting review requests at this time.  

ysar’s Reads:

Aside from classics, ysar rarely reads anything without a heavy dose of Romance.  Young Adult & New Adult are her faves, and she’s a total dork for Historical Romance — as long as Fabio’s not on the cover.   She’s also a pain in the ass when it comes to grammar and syntax, so if you’re sending her a self-pub, make sure your editor kicks ass.  Dystopian is sometimes cool, Western Romance is awesome, and OMG please send her a straight up faith-based or Christian romance!  However, if it includes billionnaires, has dark secrets that characters stupidly keep too long, is billed as erotica, or doesn’t revolve around a love story, don’t bother.  All those things annoy her, and she has the attention span of a gnat if there’s no romance to be found.

What you should know:

  • We accept books from authors, agents, publishers, and publicists ONLY.

  • We don’t do deadlines.  Our calendar often has reviews scheduled a month or two in advance, and while we’ll squeeze yours in, we can’t promise a quick turnaround.  In most cases, submitted books are reviewed within 90 days.

  • We can’t tell you the date once we’ve scheduled the review to post.  This is because the dates always change.  We’ll bump it up if something opens or move it to another date if a conflict arises.  If we tried to say, “Hey, we’ve just scheduled your review to post on (whatever day),” it would end up being a lie.

  • We do NOT accept non-fiction, BDSM/fetish, sci-fi, children’s books, anything that requires us to think (that’s what our full-time jobs are for) or other stories that don’t appeal to our big, squishy girl hearts.

  • Reviews are first posted on our site, and then sometime later on Goodreads, as well as shared on our Facebook, Google+Twitter, and Pinterest board.  Our reviewers may also post on BookLikes and any applicable retail sites (AmazonBarnes & Noble, BooksAMillion, Book Depository, iTunes Books, Google Play)

  • Our reviews are honest and straightforward, even if that means posting a 0-star or DNF review.  Don’t suggest your book if you can’t handle negative reviews.

  • You must disclose certain subject matter (e.g. sexual assault, cliffhanger, etc.) when you suggest the book.  Otherwise, it might end up in the hands of a reviewer who loathes reading about that stuff, and it probably won’t get a positive review.

  • E-books are preferred, since Kelly’s a Kindle addict and ysar is terrified of mailboxes, though when punk is available to review, she likes physical copies of books.  (We’re not sure what’s wrong with her.)

  • If you’re too lazy to fill out the complete form for each book you’d like us to review, we’re too lazy to review it.  If you’re submitting several books in a series, feel free to submit one, see if we’re interested, and then submit the others.

  • We cannot respond to all requests.  As much as we’d like to be efficient and organized enough to email everyone back, no matter our decision, we’ve usually got our hands full.  If we do not contact you to send your book to us, please don’t take it personally.  While we don’t ask for books that don’t pique our interest, sometimes we have to pass up awesome reads due to our schedules.

Please complete the below form to submit your book for review consideration.  Also, right-clicking is disabled on our website, so if you want to paste in your info, use the common keyboard shortcut CTRL+V.

Your Info

Please note that we do not accept books for review from those not directly employed in the writing or publication of the book.

Book Info

PLEASE LIMIT YOUR SELECTIONS! You may select as many categories as you feel are the primary definition of the story, but keep in mind that a story that falls into too many categories is going to seem like a hot mess, not an enjoyable read.

We DO NOT REJECT simply because your book includes one or more of these things. We just want to make sure the book isn't reviewed by someone on our staff who happens to hate that particular subject. Wouldn't it suck if we gave it just one star simply because you drew the reviewer who thinks ending a book on a cliffhanger should be a crime?
It's not required, but since we love reviewing a whole series, please keep us in mind when the next book(s) is published. If we rate this one with 3 or more stars, chances are that we will want to read the rest.
It's not required, but if we haven't reviewed the previous book(s) in the series, we prefer to start at the beginning. If you are able to send over the rest, along with the one you want us to review, it goes a long way toward piquing our interest.

Please select formats you can make available. Our reviewers have different preferences, so the one who chooses to review your book will let you know which of the options you list here is best for her.

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Our readers shop all over the place, and sometimes our search for a link fails. Please provide the link(s) if you know it, so we can send our readers to grab their own copies.

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