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So it seems that Uncle Sam and his gang of men in black are all kinds of worried about bloggers who make money by telling people that stuff is awesome. We wouldn’t call what we do making money — it’s more of a giant financial loss, to be honest — but to make sure no one is confused, we’re gonna spell it out. Because the government thinks you’re gullible…

There are a some rather obvious types of links on our site that will take you to Kobo, Amazon, Apple, Book Depository, Indiebound, and other retail sites, where, if you buy something while you’re there, we get some pocket change. How obvious are the links? Well, they’re ad banners, links for books that straight up say you can buy on those sites, or our Central Fics store with all the Amazon branding on it.  In our Central Picks book reviews, you’ll see icons for these book retailers… easily recognizable logos and all.  Yeah, we’re not gonna win the award for sneakiest revenue, are we?

We spend all kinds of money to keep this site running, and for us, it’s worth every penny. There’s the domain names, the hosting, the themes, the graphics, the various premium plugins, whatever programs we use to build it all…and it all adds up to more than we want to even think about. Even in a good revenue month, we don’t come anywhere close to bringing in enough to pay for all this. But hey, hobbies cost money, right?

So yes, if you click through one of those branded links and buy something amazing (or even something kind of crappy) on that site, we get money. A lot of the time, it’s a whopping 6¢, but occasionally we hit the jackpot and get a whole dollar or more. That’s like…three whole cigarettes! But we’re sucky salespeople, and we’re way too lazy to really start pitching products, so we’ll just keep doing what we always do, which is tell you if a book we’ve read is worth checking out.

As far as our Central Picks book reviews go, it’s not in our nature to say no to free stuff.  Therefore, while we often buy our own reads, sometimes someone will send us a free one.  If we like it, we’ll post a review, and if we don’t like it…well, might not even tell you we read it.  But usually if we’re going to recommend something, there’s a good chance it’s going to be along the lines of a squirrel chairemergency underpantscanned unicorn meat, or a gnombie.  Yes, we think EVERYONE should own these things, but then again, maybe you should just ignore us and make your own shopping decisions.

Bottom line is that sometimes we get a little percentage of whatever you spend, and while it definitely won’t come close to paying the bills around here, much less make us rich, we will do a little happy dance when your 6¢ arrives.   Of course, if you’re really looking for some awesome, may we suggest the greatest piece of literature in the history of the universe?


Fic Central does not share or store personal information about you, your family, your pet tapir, or that tattered copy of Fifty Shades of Grey you have tucked under your pillow.  For one, that would be really, really creepy.  But also we’re just too damned lazy.  Can you imagine trying to keep track of everything about everyone who visits this website?  Not happening.

We do, however, use some nifty little tools like Google Analytics and some stat tracking in WordPress to see how many people drop in here and what posts they’re checking out.  And some of the stuff we do probably puts cookies on your computer — not the yummy chocolate chip kind, but the tiny little robot kind who try to tell us if our website is doing well.  Of course, you can always defeat these strange little robots by turning off cookies in your internet browser, and since we don’t even know how that crap works, we’ll never even notice.  See?  No harm done!

This awesome privacy policy is subject to change without notice.

Blog Comment Policy

We like comments.  They remind us that we’re not alone here; however, some comments just don’t deserve to live.

  1. Spammy spammers who spam a lot are not welcome to comment.  This includes any mentions of fake pharmaceuticals, probably-fake women seeking true love, any royalty who’s trying to siphon money into strangers’ bank accounts, and all attempts at trying to sell crap or build web traffic to some website we don’t care about it.  All that shit will be deleted before it’s even viewable.
  2. Comments including a cuss word or two might be allowed, depending on the context.  Or we might delete them.  You never know.
  3. Comments containing language or concepts that we, at our own random and often illogical discretion, find offensive or utterly stupid will be deleted.
  4. Ranty comment attacks against people, groups, websites, and defenseless little plants will be deleted.

In other words, we reserve the right to delete anything we don’t want posted on our blog, for any reason, with zero notice and absolutely no explanation.  If you think this violates your right to free speech, you might want to actually read the First Amendment and then ask yourself, Does the United States Congress run FicCentral?  And if it just so happens that U.S. Constitution doesn’t apply to you, then your country’s laws probably don’t apply to us.  Besides, the world ends at the Texas border, anyway.

This comment policy is subject to random changes & updates whenever we feel like it.

Copyright & Content Removal Policy

We try to respect copyright, and we think we’ve done a damned good job of that.  However, if we messed up somewhere and posted some copyright-protected thing that we shouldn’t have, let us know how we should credit you or ask us to take it down. Or send us one of those nifty little settlement offer things demanding thousands of dollars — and please include a photo of thousands of dollars, so we’ll know what it looks like if we ever come across it.  Whatever floats your boat.

As for any other content, we’re probably not taking it down.  That review you don’t agree with, that mention of a fanfic you’re trying to hide so you do the legit publishing thing, that embarrassing comment you left on one of our posts… It’s all here to stay.  And if you’re really, really annoying or rude about it, it’s probably going on the front page until the end of time.

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