O nce upon a time (2008) we popped up with this little website spotlighting Twilight fanfiction events.  While we haven’t outgrown our obsession with sparkly vampires or the thousands of wonderful derivative stories they inspired, as you can see, a few things have changed around here since then.

As our audience has grown and branched out, we and our site have followed suit.  FicCentral still plays in the Twilight fandom sandbox, and while we can’t imagine that changing any time soon, we’ve since opened our virtual doors to other fanfiction worlds that fascinate us, as well as some wonderful original fiction stories and published books.  At the heart of it, we just love a good story!

So here we are, still promoting contests, fundraisers, awards, and other writing events, and we still love featuring both little-known and popular stories and authors.  We’ve always made an effort to adapt and grow along with the authors and readers who’ve added to our success, and while we can’t begin to predict what the future will bring us, we’re pretty sure it’s going to include lots and lots and lots of happily ever afters!

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